2020—What a Year it’s Been!

After a dreadful bushfire season like we hadn’t seen before we were thought we were through the worst of what could be thrown at us!!

How wrong could we have been?

The Covid-19 Global pandemic has affected everyone, and has affected everyone differently.

In the initial stages of the pandemic we at Think Hearing took our community responsibility seriously and closed for all of April so we weren’t tempting the most vulnerable to be exposed more than necessary.

We had our answering machine service which we cleared almost daily and responded to needs for batteries and other consumables by mailing them to minimise inconvenience to clients.

Think Hearing is a locally owned business in Warringal Shopping Centre, Heidelberg, meaning any urgent repairs were able to be attended to by collecting the aids from the clients’ home or them mailing in and we would address at the clinic and return them. From the second week of May we re-opened with reduced clinical hours (with one of our audiologists having to home school her son) but we slowly increased clinical days to 3 per week through June and July.

Then the second lockdown occurred and we closed again from the second week of August. Once again we provided the supply of minimal contact services as best we could – (lucky we are local) until we slowly re-opened again in the second week of October.

We have strived to provide as many services as possible during the disruptions and are proud that as a local business we have been able to be of greater assistance to our clients than some others.

Mask wearing has created issues for our client base who can rely on visual clues to understand clearly what people are saying, so this has caused communication issues for many.

The impact the pandemic and the disrupted service has had on our client base has been varied like all of us -some have coped with zoom meetings and video calls while others have found it more difficult. On attending the clinic you can tell it has affected some more significantly – we notice this from before to after and to the changes in some have been dramatic.

As we return to “covid-normal”, and hopefully no further disruptions, we look forward to being of assistance to our current clients, and welcome anyone new who would like to have premium treatment without the cost by those in the local community.

Shop 26 Warringal Shopping Centre
56 Burgundy Street

PO Box 95

Phone: 9497 1600
Fax: 9497 1688
Email: admin@thinkhearing.com.au