An Update on Masks

An Update on Masks

Changes to restriction that came into effect at 11:59pm Sunday 17 January 2021 mean that masks are only mandatory in the following locations:

  • on public transport
  • when riding in a ride share or taxi
  • inside supermarkets
  • in large retail stores (over 2000 sqm), such as department stores, electronics stores, furniture stores or hardware stores
  • inside shopping centres, including the retail stores inside shopping centres
  • inside indoor markets
  • on domestic flights to and from Victoria
  • at airports
  • in hospitals
  • when working in or visiting hospitals and care facilities

Masks should also be worn where 1.5m distancing cannot be maintained and therefore should be carried at all times.



Two, Four, Eight…

Understanding the two, four and eight square metre rules can be overwhelming to understand to say the least.

Whilst the current restrictions are in place, there rules must be adhered to.

For a simple explanation on how this is calculated and how it applies to your business visit


COVID-19 Support

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