Are They Triple OK?

An R U OK?  A conversation can change a life.

“Are They Triple OK?” was developed in response to Beyond Blue’s nationwide Answering the Call study, which found police and emergency services personnel report suicidal thoughts more than twice as often as adults in the general population.

Even the most resilient police and emergency services personnel can be affected by stress and trauma related to their work or as a result of other life challenges.

Are They Triple OK

Dedicated to helping those who protect us

It’s important to have a supportive network to reach out to; family, friends and co-workers, when you feel you may be struggling. It can make a world of difference during difficult times. If you notice someone you care about is struggling, check in with them and ask – “Are you OK?” – no qualifications needed.


Visit Victoria Police’s wellbeing website – Bluespace – for more information and resources on mental health and wellbeing –

R U OK? provide resources and tips on how to check in with family and friends who work in emergency services. Learn more about Mark and Carlee’s story here: