Banyule Cattle Yards

The Banyule Cattle Yards is a joint project between the Fox family, Banyule Council and the Rotary Club of Heidelberg.

The aim is to refurbish and restore the existing Banyule Cattle Yards, an item of historic interest in the Warringal Parklands which is located in the Heidelberg District on the banks of the Yarra River.
The Banyule Cattle Yards were originally a collection of working cattle yards and were part of the historic Banyule Homestead.  The Rotary Club of Heidelberg aims to support the small group of volunteers who have initiated this project.

Numerous items of agricultural equipment are on display within the confines of the yards, and along with the yards themselves, offer the community a glimpse of farming as it was conducted some hundred years ago. 

 The yards are adjacent to one of the many paved trails in the area and are constantly frequented by locals and visitors.

The Cattle Yards are located at the end of Buckingham Drive near the Banyule tennis courts.

Banyule cattle yards