Council Elections

Councillors are elected every 4 years to represent the community.

The most recent Council election was held by postal vote for all Victorian councils on Saturday, 24 October 2020. It was the first election where Banyule’s profile consisted of 9 wards with 1 councillor elected as representative for each ward.

2020 Council election results

Results of the 2020 council elections have been declared for Banyule Council by the VEC (Victorian Electoral Commission).

This list summarises the successful candidates across the 9 wards that make Banyule.


Ward                     Successful Candidate

Bakewell               Mark Di Pasquale

Beale                     Elizabeth Nealy

Chelsworth           Alida McKern

Griffin                    Peter Castaldo

Grimshaw              Rick Garotti

Hawdon                 Fiona Mitsinikos

Ibbott                     Tom Melican

Olympia                 Peter Dimarelos

Sherbourne           Alison Champion