Fires break out in Melbourne detention hotel, refugees and asylum seekers evacuated

Refugees and asylum seekers have been evacuated from a detention hotel in Melbourne after multiple fires were lit in the five-storey building.

Police said one person has been taken to hospital with smoke inhalation, and that a staff member was believed to have been assaulted at the hotel.

Firefighters wore breathing apparatuses to enter the Park Hotel in the inner-city suburb of Carlton after a fire alarm went off on Thursday afternoon.

Fire Rescue Victoria said it was difficult to figure out where all the fires were lit.

All people who were in the building were safely evacuated.

The hotel is being used as an immigration detention facility for 45 men who were mostly brought from offshore detention to Australia to receive medical treatment.

The site received attention after a COVID-19 outbreak spread among detainees a few months ago. 

The cause of the fires will be investigated.