How to get a Story published on Northern Community News

So, you’d like to write an article for Northern Community News? Or maybe you would like to become a regular writer. That’s wonderful to hear. We’re always looking for new voices to write about the diverse topics we cover, whether it’s local news, travel, sports, entertainment,  education, art or even share your favourite recipe. In order to craft the best pitch possible, please take a few minutes to review the information and pointers below.

  • Be sure to spend some time reading some of the current articles on Northern Community News before pitching to familiarise yourself with our content, tone, and scope—and to make sure that we haven’t already covered the story you’re planning to pitch.
  • Keep your pitch short—one or two paragraphs max—and if you have a particular expertise on this subject, tell us that. What makes you the best person to write this story?
  • Be sure to include a link to your portfolio or a couple samples of your work (please do not send attachments; they will not be opened).
  • You will be asked later to include a free image, not one that is licenced to someone else.
  • Take the time to brainstorm a possible headline for your story, and include that as part of the subject line, i.e. Freelance Pitch: 50 Amazing Facts About Animals. Having a headline can help us better understand the angle you plan to use with your story.
  • If your piece requires interviews with any experts, let us know if you have specific people in mind.
  • Expect a response to your pitch within two weeks.

Contact us  and we will get back to you as soon as possible.