Impound for E-Scooter commuter

Westgate Highway Patrol officers have had to make a rare impound tonight, of an electric scooter.

The scooter was observed travelling along Point Cook Road with the general flow of traffic at an estimated 40 km/h just after 4pm.

The rider went onto the foot path at an alleged speed of 40-45 km/h.

He failed to stop on police direction but was located a couple of streets later after dropping his scooter and trying to run away.

There are a lot of misconceptions in the community about when these scooters can be used.

As the scooter was travelling at over 10 km/h and over 200watts, it cannot legally be used on a road or road related area.

The scooter is classified as a motorised vehicle and the operator must have a valid licence.

The 45-year-old Werribee man had a disqualified licence and is alleged to have returned a positive oral fluid test for illicit substances.

The scooter was impounded for 30 days at a cost of $1006.10.

The rider will be charged on summons for failing to stop for police, drive disqualified, drug driving and having an unregistered vehicle.

Media Unit