Inner Wheel Cord Blood Program

Our Australian Charity is “Cord Blood “and over the years we have been able to provide several grants of over $75000.00 to help find a cure for childhood cancer among other illnesses.

Expectant parents have a number of big decisions to make. Increasingly among them, what to do with baby’s cord blood.

Cord blood is taken from a newborn’s umbilical cord shortly after birth, it’s a rich source of stem cells that can be used to treat dozens of disorders, including several forms of leukaemia, lymphoma and anaemia. Parents have the option to discard it, donate it or store it with a private cord blood bank.

Inner Wheel members from around Australia are continuing in the efforts to support Cord Blood research with a once a year “Coin for a Cord Day” The aim of this special day is to create  community awareness of Cord Blood and also to raise funds to support research into the collection, transport and the uses of “cord blood’

Cord Blood can only be collected at those Hospitals accredited with the Cord Blood Banks.

Collection Processing and Storage of the cord blood are specialised techniques that need to be performed by trained and accredited staff. The cord blood collected also needs to be processed as soon as practical usually within 36 hours of collection.  Once the cord blood is donated it is given to anyone who is in need of a cord blood transplant. The recipient is the patient who is most suitable based on tissue matching and clinical need at the time.

At present, the most common need for transplantation in childhood is acute leukaemia.

The use Cord Blood is a Miracle of Recycling- giving life today and saving lives for tomorrow.

Private cord blood banks store the blood for a fee, in the event that the family might need it in the future. The banks also let families donate the blood for free, where it can be matched with patients in need or used for medical research.

Have you heard about the other wonderful work the Inner Wheel Club of Bundoora inc. has done over the years for the Community and Internationally.

We have knitted over 7000 knee rugs which have been donated to all Aged Care Homes in the area also we have donated rugs to Olivia Newton John Hospital for their patients. We have given baby rugs and other items to the Big Hug and other Organisations.

We are always looking for donations of 8 ply wool to knit into squares then joined together to make our rugs.

To give you an insight to Inner Wheel, it all started in Manchester England in 1924 when the wives of Rotarians got together for an afternoon tea and a chat and it got so popular all over England.

It was decided by a lady named Margarete Golding that they formalise each of these clubs. From these roots International Inner Wheel has grown worldwide.  Each Club have their own local charity and a combined International Charity. Inner Wheel has grown to be one of the largest Women’s Clubs in the world.

In Australia we have Clubs and Districts in every State The very  first club in Australia to be chartered was in Ballarat Victoria in 1931, then NSW followed on.

At each of our Monthly meetings we light a “Flame of Friendship” candle which burns throughout our meetings.

Our Objects are:

  1. To Promote true Friendship
  2. To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service
  3. To Foster International Understanding.

District A61 takes in Clubs in Wodonga, Wangaratta, Shepparton, Whorouly, Kinglake Ranges, Bundoora, Point Cook, Williamstown, Boronia and Wandin.

Our District A61 International Charity is to Build a Tourist Shop in Bwindi Uganda to enable the woman to make and sell items to tourists who visit the area and to see the Silverback Gorillas.

If anyone would like more information on Bundoora Inner Wheel Club or Inner Wheel INC in general, please contact me by email.

Merle Maunder
Past District A61 Chairman
District A61 International Chairman