Keon Parade Reservoir Rail Crossing Work

Check out the 38-meter-tall piling rig, along with the other gigantic equipment required to complete the rail work on the Keon Parade,  Reservoir’s latest rail overpass.

This 75-ton rig will assist in laying the groundwork for the new rail bridges that will carry trains over Keon Parade.

In the months of July and August, workers on the Keon Parade construction site will set up concrete piers and crossheads, pour the slab for a portion of the new Keon Park Station, and begin piling to lay the groundwork for the new rail bridges.

By constructing a 750-meter rail bridge over the road and a brand-new Keon Park Station with cutting-edge passenger amenities, we will eliminate the hazardous and congested Keon Parade level crossing.

A special type of equipment is required to construct a rail bridge. This may cause noise and vibration, as with any significant building.

By constructing a rail bridge over the street and a new station at Keon Park, we will eliminate the busy and hazardous level crossing at Keon Parade.

The 18,000 vehicles that use this level crossing every day will experience less delay when removed. The current boom gates, which can be down for up to 41 minutes during the morning peak, won’t cause delays for traffic, cyclists, or pedestrians anymore. Keon Parade will not have boom gates after work is completed.

Significant building commenced in 2023. By 2025, trains will travel over the new rail bridge to the new Keon Park Station.

Keon Parade Reservoir Rail Crossing works