Macleod College Mentoring Program

The slogan says Rotary Connects The  World, but what does it mean?  As an international organization of clubs spread around the world it sets out to identify to and alleviate, even solve, problems that beset local communities, national states, and the planet.

The organization is committed to being non-political, not based on particular religious beliefs or prejudices, and being focused on “Service”.

From time to time individual members find ways to bring their skills and commitment to bear on particular local issues.

One such project arose out of the observation that the Rotary Club of Rosanna included as such a varied range of skills and experiences that it ought to be shared with students still at school.

The program that emerged was career Mentoring support at Macleod College.  The students shared their own career ambitions with members and members shared career experiences with students.  McArthur Recruitment joined as well and gave first hand advice on applying for jobs, and facing interviews.

We visited the Austin Hospital, not to “push’ kids into jobs in health but because it the biggest and most diverse employer in the district. We learned that the maintenance manager had started work as electrician.  One of our club members members started as a “sparky” too, but became a specialist in installing and repairing dental chairs.

When it was all over two of our students approached a member if they could change their original ambitions as they had decided they wanted to be mother craft nurses.

If you have an idea for a local, national, or international project. Come and join us. You can be very satisfied in doing something useful and valuable.