Mandatory Electronic Record Keeping

The Victorian Government QR Code Service has enabled the introduction of Kiosk, a venue-assisted check-in, to make it even easier for workers and visitors to check-in at your premises.

Check-in at venues is essential to support contact tracing in the event of a COVID-19 incident. However, there may be times when a visitor cannot check themselves in for a variety of reasons including not having a smart phone. Venue-assisted check-in through the new Kiosk feature will make it easier to capture their details.

The new Kiosk feature of the Service Victoria app lets businesses use their own smart phone, tablet or computer to help visitors to check-in if they cannot do so themselves.

All visitors with their own smart phone should check-in themselves using the QR code via the Service Victoria app, which can be downloaded via the Apple store or Google Play store.

What is Kiosk check-in?

Kiosk check-in is a simple form to help staff record a visitor’s first name, last name and contact phone number electronically on the venue’s device. The Kiosk check-in is linked to a defined location or area at your venue, registered with the Victorian Government QR Code service.

The form can be set up on any device with a modern web browser, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or a mobile  phone – whatever is most suitable to your venue.