Motorcyclist’s wheelie bad idea

Monday 23 October 2023 4:16am –

A man’s prized Ducati motorcycle has been impounded after he allegedly performed a mono in front of police in Cranbourne North late last week.

Officers observed the red Ducati stopped at traffic lights at the intersection of South Gippsland Highway and Glasscocks Road about 1.30pm on Thursday, 19 October.

“This is a costly moment of silly behaviour from this rider but we know that all too often it is those lapses in judgment or poor decisions that lead to tragedies on our roads.”

When the lights turned green the rider took off into a wheelie only to quickly come crashing back down to earth when the red and blue lights started flashing behind him.

Police spoke with the 37-year-old rider from Port Melbourne who will be charged on summons for failing to have proper control of a motorcycle.

His Ducati was also impounded for 30 days at a cost of $1005.

Casey Highway Patrol Sergeant Shaun Tolliday said motorcyclists had been overrepresented in road trauma recently and urged riders to be sensible on the roads.