Movement for 5 Guitars

MOVEMENT FOR FIVE GUITARS: Where the guitar becomes an orchestra for the open-air.
Melbourne guitarist/composer Lucas Michailidis will premiere his new composition with performances by an assembly of five, highly-skilled guitarists. Supported through the Banyule Arts and Cultural initiative, the free performances will bring contemporary music to the everyday, re-energising public space in a range of open-air Banyule locations.

Despite being the most popular instrument in the world, the guitar is often relegated to the position of accompaniment. As a solo fingerstyle guitarist, Michailidis has dedicated his practice to bringing the instrument to the foreground. With this unusual new work, he realises a long-held vision of elevating the guitar to the status of an orchestra. Further still, the composition explores performer movement, underpinned by dynamic rhythm, to create a sensation best described as ‘kinetic sound sculpture’.

In step with our collective opening up, MOVEMENT FOR FIVE GUITARS is a welcome disjunct to the austere and punishing Melbourne lockdowns of 20/21. The work evokes wonder, a shift in perspective and a suspension of time.

Lead by Michailidis, this assembly of professional guitarists have forged close personal and musical connections across a decade. The inclusion of two female players is also notable.
Michailidis says, “Women are severely under-represented in the guitar world so I am thrilled to be able to showcase their skills and contribution here.”


11:00 AM Bell Street Mall, (Cnr. Bell St. and Oriel Rd. Heidelberg West) &

4:00 PM & 6:00 PM Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Centre (275 Upper Heidelberg Rd. Ivanhoe).