Police take over 50 hoon cars off the road

Sunday, 15 August 2021. 03:46  –  

Police have continued to disrupt illegal hoon driving activity by issuing over 50 defect notices to cars as part of the state-wide Operation Achilles.

On Thursday, police officers from the North West Metro Region inspected vehicles at the police impound unit that were due to be released to their owners in the next couple of weeks.

Police inspected vehicles that were specifically impounded as a result of illegal hoon driving offences, including burnouts and speeding.

54 cars were issued with defect notices, and owners of those vehicles will be advised of the defect notice over the coming days.

The defect notice will mean owners will need to collect their cars from the impound unit with a tow truck or a trailer, and once they have fixed the defect will need to obtain a Roadworthy Certificate before the car is allowed back on Victorian roads.

If an owner of a vehicle breaches a defect notice they are liable for large penalties and demerit points. If the owner doesn’t obtain a Roadworthy Certificate within 4 weeks, the registration of the vehicle will be suspended.

Quotes attributable to North West Metro Region’s Acting Senior Sergeant Dean Pickering

“Everyone on our roads has the right to expect the car behind them is safe, including at the very least that it has the ability to be able to brake and stop.”

“Unfortunately, police know all too well how the condition of a car can lead to devastating consequences on our roads, particularly due to the condition of tyres and brakes.”

“All of these cars had major safety issues, including damage to tyres and brakes and we make no apologies for ensuring they do not make it onto Victorian roads.”

“As part of Operation Achilles, police will continue to focus on detecting and disrupting illegal hoon meets by targeting not only the participants, but the organisers and spectators.”