Power Point Safety for Toddlers

The consequences of electric shock are real and dangerous. Electric shocks can cause serious injuries, especially to young children, and at worst – they can be fatal. Electricity is all around us, and our children are curious. Sticking pencils, fingers and other hazardous objects into power points, or even throwing mum’s mobile phone into the bath while washing, are just par for the course for toddlers. So it’s important parents remove as many hazards as possible. School-age children are a tad easier to educate about the risks and consequences of playing with electricity. We can’t stop some things, but parents can minimise the risks! As their curiosity grows, it’s important to communicate the dangers in a way that is age- appropriate, relevant to the child, & avoids scaremongering. For example, if your child is at an age where they are using battery-operated or electrical devices, explain safe use. If you notice your phone charger is fraying at the edges and the wires are exposed, talk about it with your child. Explain how the plastic cover protects and acts as a safe barrier between the live electrical current and any fingers that could touch the wire. Explain what happens when a person gets an electric shock. Talk about how important it is to keep electrical appliances away from water. Its not about being scary – it’s about educating children with enough information so that they can understand. If you explain the risks using appliances that are familiar to them, they’re more likely to understand them. Similarly, if you discuss the potential dangers and develop clear safety rules around electricity as a team, they are more likely to adhere to these rules.