Powers of Attorney

It is not uncommon for a situation to arise when a person will want or need another person to act on their behalf. This can be for a variety of reasons, but is mostly due to incapacity or convenience. Should this arise, it is important that you have up to date Powers of Attorney.

A Power of Attorney involves a person (the principal) granting another person (the attorney) the power to act on their behalf and to do anything, subject to certain conditions and limitations, that the principal can legally do. The choice of attorney is important and for most people, it is either their spouse, adult children, or a close friend or family member.

For most clients, we prepare an Enduring Power of Attorney, and an Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker.

The Enduring Power of Attorney relates to personal, financial, and legal matters and comes unto effect at the time of signing. This can be limited by conditions put in place by the principal.  An Appointment Medical Treatment Decision Maker allows the person appointed to make medical decisions on behalf of the principal. This appointment only has effect when the principal no longer has decision making capacity. Both last until the death of the principal, unless previously revoked.

For Powers of Attorney, we charge a fixed fee of $330.00 for a single and $440.00 for a couple. For Pensioners, we offer a reduced rate of $220.00 for a single and $330.00 for a couple. Powers of Attorney can also be packaged together with Wills.

For clients who have issues with mobility we are able to do home visits.

If you would like to talk to us about Powers of Attorney, please contact Mr James Bowlen or Mr Tony Bowlen.

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