Rosanna Rotary Helping the Homeless

In between lockdowns in Melbourne we had a great opportunity to hear about the plight of the homelessness and the advocacy/  support work carried on through the Council for Homeless Persons via Jenny Smith, CEO, and Lisa, a client of CHP.

A combination of the pandemic, cost of housing, rental affordability and availability of properties has really shone a light on the plight of homeless people within our community. From marriage breakups, family violence to financial issues, our communities are feeling the pinch with the lack of suitable housing and facilities for the most vulnerable people in our midst.

Following the heart wrenching presentations we were inspired to ask ’how can we help?’

An area of great need was identified by Jenny in their inability to advocate/educate others in the community and government of the plight of homeless persons. They were hampered by a lack of resources.

“New computers will be an enormous help in our work by not only assisting in our training, presentations and admin, but in ensuring that we don’t divert valuable resources from our important support work”. As Jenny stated.

From our own resources and with the application of a District Foundation Grant we have been able to help.

Our initial commitment was to supply 3 computers with associated peripherals and equipment to enable high quality presentations to be made as they continue their important advocacy and learning work. However, though the support of PP Peter Little and the good work of Rotarian Geraldine in our Club and her employment with The Good Guys we were able secure far superior equipment at a lower price point which enabled not 3 computers as promised but now we could supply 4 computers instead.

The computers were presented on Wednesday evening at our regular meeting.

Pictured above: L to R— Jenny Smith (CEO), President Ian Bushby, PP Peter Little and Andrew Edgar (SHS Learning Program Coodinator)