The Law and Covid-19

The Covid pandemic has caused enormous problems throughout the world and, from our perspective, particularly here in Victoria. For many businesses it has meant disaster.

We are Solicitors located in Rosanna and  have made wholesale changes to ensure that whilst our doors are shut we can continue to provide most of our services to our clients. After the first outbreak we changed our telephone system and set up computer systems so that all Practitioners and staff are able to operate from home. This has been a challenge in many ways but it meant that we have been able to continue and also to retain all of our staff.  Like everyone else we miss the day-to-day contact with each other and the regular meetings with clients.

The Law Institute of Victoria provided guidelines for members setting out circumstances where we can practice in what might otherwise be breaches of the government restrictions. This can be in relation to attending a Court hearing, the completion of a conveyancing transaction, or attending a client at their home for execution of documents, Powers of Attorney and Wills et cetera.

Probably the biggest change we have seen is in relation to the Family Court where my partner Wayne Dunstan and one of our Associate Solicitors, namely James Bult, practice predominantly. All hearings are now conducted via zoom with everybody located separately. This helped to ease some of the stress upon the parties. The system appeared to be working well. It will be interesting to see whether some of these changes remain in place when things get back to normal.

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