The Taylors – An Australian Dynasty

Arguably the sexiest fiction work of 2023!!

Television doyen BOB PHILLIPS has done it all and once again he steps into his author role and presents his latest novel THE TAYLORS an australian dynasty and it’s a ripper!

A love story with a fair ingredient of sex!

ABOUT THE BOOK Ron & Bettina Taylor headed an Australian family who lived on a small idyllic seaside country property. The oldest of five children, Trish is blessed with movie star looks and destined for stardom. Under her mother’s guidance she battles through a kaleidoscope of amateur model quests to become Miss Australia and went on to a bizarre career as an international super model on the world fashion stage. As she lost her virginity so too did the Taylor dynasty as Trish and the family take a rollercoaster ride of power, sex, deceit, love, and more sex in a story that is full of colour – and a few shades of grey!


“…What a family! Obviously, none of them will go to heaven – but I absolutely loved it! …”   Gloria from Rosebud





Bob Phillips is a writer, producer, and broadcaster. He commenced his career in showbiz as a carnival hand, worked as a cinema projectionist, moved to television, and worked as a producer and executive producer for Australian TV icons such as Graham Kennedy, Bert Newton, Daryl Somers, Don Lane, Mike Walsh, and Steve Vizard. His first book was Like No Other Business, a light-hearted look at the first fifty years of Australian television. Bob’s late wife was the much-loved actor and TV presenter Judy Banks. Their only son, Andrew, is an established author with six published books.

In Bobs words, “the author, veteran TV producer Bob Phillips, is a semi-recluse living on a small farm on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.   He lives with two old horses – they don’t question him, and he doesn’t question them!