The Wine Depository Journey

The Wine Depository turned 10 years old in March 2021. It has been a great journey, and never would I have thought I’d end up here when I walked into my first “wine industry” job at Liquorland in 2000.

In those 21 years of experience, I have travelled the wine world, been a published wine writer, hosted “The Wine Show” on 96.5 Inner FM, conducted wine tours in France and Australia, and host hundreds of wine events. Not to mention all the amazing wine I’ve sold to wine lovers over that time.

I love wine and believe wine is about sharing and enjoying. I started The Wine Depository in 2011 to help wine lovers enjoy every wine experience. What I offer is service pitched to your level, we can talk about soil types and weather patterns if you want to, or we can enjoy a glass of wine and the story behind it.

The Wine Depository is online. I was looking for a physical location and started the website to get started. The flexibility of being able to work from anywhere has helped, though. I can travel, spend time with my family, sleep in after a late dinner… The shop may be online, but I have been local to the Heidelberg area since 2011.

When you visit my online store, you will find wine from Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy, as well as more obscure places like Georgia, Israel and Turkey. If the wine is good and at a price that is fair for the quality in the bottle, I am happy to sell it.

You’re welcome to ‘browse the shelves’ or contact me directly for advice on what is drinking well at the moment.

Along with wine sales, The Wine Depository offers you cellaring solutions, Public Events, Dinners, Tastings, Masterclasses, as well as Private and Corporate Events. Wine Education, Sourcing of specific wines.

You can find the Wine Depository at

I love to chat, so you can call me on 0418 23 04 82 or email