Upcoming day and night works for North East Link

As part of North East Link, we’re completing Melbourne’s M80 Ring Road. The new North East Link Tunnels will seamlessly connect to the M80 Ring Road and Greensborough Bypass, with a new Grimshaw Street interchange.

What we’ll be doing

We will be taking ground samples and identifying services beneath roads, footpaths and grassed areas as part of planning work for Ring Road Completion.

This involves:

  • non-intrusive surveys and inspections
  • cutting, digging and drilling works
  • using high-pressure water and vacuum
  • restoring temporary work areas when investigations are completed.

Where and when we’ll be working

We will be working in Watsonia, Watsonia North and Greensborough intermittently between Tuesday 14 February and late April.

Day works will happen from 7am to 5pm at locations along the M80 Ring Road, Greensborough Bypass, Greensborough Highway and surrounding streets.

Night works will happen from 6.30pm to 6am at locations including:

  • M80 Ring Road and Plenty Road interchange
  • M80 Ring Road, between Plenty Road and Greensborough Bypass
  • Greensborough Bypass, between M80 Ring Road and Grimshaw Street
  • Yando Street and Sellars Street pedestrian underpass and reserve
  • Kempston Street, beneath the Greensborough Bypass
  • Grimshaw Street and Greensborough Road intersection
  • Greensborough Highway, opposite AK Line Reserve
  • Elder Street and Greensborough Highway intersection
  • Watsonia Road and Greensborough Highway intersection
  • Watsonia Road and Morwell Avenue roundabout.

We’ll let residents know when night works are expected to happen nearby.

Download the notification to view the map of works area (PDF, 367.4 KB)

What this means for you

While these works will not impact your property, you may notice:

  • workers and construction vehicles
  • traffic controllers and signage
  • temporary fencing around work areas
  • noise from machinery and equipment, such as drill rigs and vacuum trucks
  • light from portable sources, such as lighting towers.

Traffic management will be in place during these works to help drivers, cyclists and pedestrians move safely through the area.

Please follow all instructions from signage and traffic controllers for the safety of our workers and the community.

We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout these works.

Map of work area

Download the notification to view the map of works area (PDF, 367.4 KB)

Schedule is subject to change. Visit our work notices page for schedule changes. If you have any questions, please contact us on 1800 105 105.