Urban Community Care

Tuesday, 8 November 2022 – 

Urban community care is about taking maintenance measures to make life liveable. Life becomes liveable and when it can also be funded in old age, we need rest instead of work.

Due to rising land prices, the city council may allow one more floors to be built on top of the single-storey units. People can also make a living by renting. It will help them still lead a better standard of living. Likewise, retirement residences provide meals to the elderly at the most affordable prices.

Loneliness and isolation of the elderly population is also a problem in urban areas. As the population ages, as older people leave the workforce, their incomes also decrease. Their capacity to participate in recreational activities also decreases. It is a matter of great concern for the councils to look into situations where neglect is possible and cannot be seen.

An old man would rather let go than talk, like a child who needs parental attention. When we grow up, children become parents. Educational institutions prepare students to take responsibility for themselves and those in need.

People need immediate medical attention due to physical pain, and wait times for ambulances remain a concern.

How are people coping with rising food prices? How can the government help them? Are all businesses now making up for their losses by raising prices due to losses during COVID-19? Rising prices are a chain reaction. Housing shortages are also a problem. We shall look into if people are living in caravans, tents and cars.

Old institutions may enter a downturn due to the emergence of new outlets. Childcare units in many neighbourhood houses face stiff competition and it is a challenging situation for councils to work their way through these places to keep them alive. I’m talking about planned moves based on policies of balanced growth, not unbalanced growth. Market policies are simple to operate, but some fall into loneliness during downturns.

Social media and things from other countries can disturb the peace in this country and others. If society is becoming less cohesive; it is due to less empathic dialogue taking place at all levels – religious, social, economic, and political spheres. Living in the present is important to have a peaceful and tranquil urban regulated society. It applies to rural areas as well.

People used to walk to their local shops, but now there are shopping malls, which may lead to a less interactive society based on conventional bases. Also, there are official clubs where you can play instead of playing on the street and meeting people.

Personal hygiene is a private matter, but when we go out, it’s public. If public schools need a better school signboard, this response is a fundamental issue that councils should help them address. Schools are represented by uniforms. City Council officials must regularly patrol the city for maintenance.

Behavioural health risks are both private and public. Even in urban areas, there may be no laws governing the private consumption of these goods at home. Why give parents anxiety in their old age? Don’t get caught up in inappropriate health or other issues. Developing countries should be on the same path as Australia to make universities completely smoke-free. It would be nice to make an easy-to-understand policy.

Urban areas are educated to rural areas, but the social, economic, and political chaos in urban areas are the results of living in the past and not in the present which means the value of the human being has deteriorated also in the chase of things.

Who are the urban poor? We might look at their lifestyles relative to other people. Are there residents who do not have heating? It is important to promote the growth of the welfare states.

If you don’t allow people to go to the cinema, you can define the movie as a flop. But if you allow it, then the definition of a good movie and a bad movie will change. What are civilizations? Civilizations are civil societies.

Seeing we learn more. It is a good idea for the Town planning University lecturers to take their students to the flooding zones to see what can be done so that the next generation would not have to go through physical losses and mental traumas. Preparations also included maintenance of urban areas. The building of Melbourne’s North East Link is a good move to overcome the traffic pressure. It is amazing to see how they work so that you don’t feel a heavy obstacle in traffic.

The places we were born, raised, worked and lived define these and those regions. Create the conditions for people to live to see their lives. To avoid any accident, we need to drive carefully and not smartly (I mean not haphazardly).

Life is for living, we make life, liveable for living


About the Author

Dr Baljit Singh received his PhD in Economics from La Trobe University in Melbourne. The title of his thesis is Socio-economic Development and Fertility: A Case Study in India. His experience includes teaching and research in public health. His interests further extend to global health, health promotion, health systems and economics. His books are:

  • Singh, B. (2022) Kavita Sundarya- Mere Nazar Se, Hindi Poetry Book, Hindi Sahitya Sadan, Delhi, India
  • Singh, B. (2021) A Walk without Food, Xlibris, Sydney, Australia
  • Singh, B. (2020) The Manifestations of Being, Xlibris, Sydney, Australia
  • Singh, B. (2019) Topics in Population and Health, Xlibris, Sydney, Australia