Visit the Nangak Tamboree Wildlife Sanctuary

Go for a self guided walk or visit our nursery (open Sunday to Friday 10am-3pm) or discover more of the Sanctuary by booking a tour, excursion or hire facilities.

Go for a self guided walk

There is no need to buy tickets, entry is by gold coin at the gate and maps are available on entry. We also run a range of educational activities and tours, including our popular Twilight Tours.

Visit the indigenous nursery

Stock up on indigneous plants or nesting boxes to enhance your backyard biodiversity at home.

Indigenous plant nursery

We supply over 300 species of trees, shrubs, groundcovers, climbers, grasses, herbs and wetland plants to local councils and other land managers, schools, landscape professionals, other retail nurseries and backyard gardeners for projects of all sizes.


We specialise in indigenous species from the middle and lower Yarra catchment of Melbourne; with collection areas extending from the Kinglake escarpment in the north, to the grasslands in the west and Dights Falls in the south.

Nesting boxes

Nesting boxes are artificial hollows that provide habitat to native wildlife. They are useful in providing supplementary habitat, particularly in suburban areas, where older trees are lacking.

Many of our Australian wildlife species rely on tree hollows for roost and nest sites (17% of bird species, 42% of mammals and 28% of reptiles). This includes possums, sugar gliders, parrots, microbats, phascogales and owls.

Natural tree hollows can take upwards of 100 years to form. Land clearing, urbanisation and other human impacts such as fire means that hollows are not as readily available as they once were.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday:   10am – 3.00pm

Sunday:  10.00am – 3.00pm

We are located on the La Trobe University, Melbourne (Bundoora) campus. Access is via La Trobe Ave (near the roundabout on Main Drive).

Contact us:
T: (03) 9479 1206