What did 2020 entail for Mill Park Physiotherapy?

2020 was a challenging year for many – with many businesses and individuals rippled by its effects. At Mill Park Physiotherapy, we were lucky to go on with business as usual… with a few minor tweaks.

Mill Park Physiotherapy was established in the 1990s, on Mill Park’s Childs Road. The clinic has since relocated to our current location at 22/1 Danaher Drive, South Morang. At Mill Park Physiotherapy, we aim to deliver expert care in the management of sporting and non-sporting injuries, in both children and adults. Our physiotherapists use a wide-range of treatment techniques to help our lovely clients optimise their quality of life, achieve their goals and reduce their risk of re-injury. We, at Mill Park Physiotherapy, place a strong emphasis on evidence-based practice, with several staff heavily involved in research at La Trobe University.


Luckily, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we could continue to provide our service and help improve the lives of individuals. We had to make changes along the way – a strict implementation of personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand hygiene, cancelling group classes to comply with number restrictions, and adapting to the forever changing recommendations from several regulating bodies. At the height of the pandemic, under specific guidelines, we were only encouraged to see only a specific client group – including those with debilitating back pain, cerebral palsy, and workplace/transport injuries, to name a few. This was the most difficult of challenges for us as healthcare providers, having to advise our beloved clients that they must have a break in their treatment/rehabilitation, and press pause on their progress and goals. Whilst difficult, all involved understood that the sole purpose was to protect individuals and communities in Victoria.

2021 brought with it some fresh air. We have returned to some sense of normality. We are happy to again provide care to all individuals, and see the return of group classes – where people can exercise and rehabilitate specific injuries in a friendly and safe environment.

A reminder for you all – physiotherapists are primary contact practitioners – meaning you do not need a referral to attend our clinic, nor do you need to have medical imaging completed prior to your first appointment. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces in 2021, and work together to keep your bodies healthy, fit and functioning optimally.


Marc Sayers
(BAppSc, MPhysioPrac.)
Mill Park Physiotherapy
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