Why Join a Rotary Club?

ROTARY was built on Friendship, Fellowship, Networking and Support to those in Local and Overseas Communities.

ROTARY INTERNATIONAL is a Club of many members Worldwide.

There are many, many Rotary Projects being conducted of like-minded people in Overseas and Local communities at this moment.

Listed below are just a very small number Projects that Rotary are conducting.


  • POLIO PLUS – A Program started by and supported by Rotary now supported by the United Nations, also well known Philanthropists. This program has eliminated Polio from 97% of the World and will continue until completely eliminated.
  • Shelter Box Project – A large box packed with the essentials items to support a family of Six that have lost their home and processions due to Fires, Floods and or any other natural disasters. Many Shelter Boxes have been used and are still being used as necessary in recent times.
  • Building and supporting schools Overseas where there were no schools. ( Bali, India, Pakistan )
  • Building Water Wells in Villages where there was no fresh water.
  • Building toilets for Girl students at an Indian School which allowed then to attend school.
  • Rebuilding Hospitals, Medical Centres and Housing where required. This a very small list of Overseas Aid given by Rotary.


  • AUSTRALIAN ROTARY HEALTH which supports Research in Medical Treatments for the Curing and Benefit of Mankind.
  • Support of Fire, Flood and Drought Areas throughout Australia. Rebuilding of local housing as required to give housing to those in need.
  • Support to Local Colleges and Schools with Student Scholarships to help with their education.
  • Leadership Programs for School Children and Young Adults to help build better Citizens.

Yes it costs some money to be a member of a Rotary Club, but this money insures the members protection whilst helping with Rotary Projects and also supports Rotary Projects around the World as listed.

SERVICE ABOVE SELF is the ROTARY MOTTO, give unto those who support and help, gives self-satisfaction of helping those in need.

Only a Small amount of YOUR TIME can help a Multitude of People though out the World.