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Anzac day march 1400 people

Crime in Australia

If you want to solve the crime in this country, why don’t we all have a DNA test including babies at birth.

I’m sure the thieves, rapists and murderers would think twice about it. We all know they will always leave something behind.
Perry – Diamond Creek

It was wonderful to see our latest grandchild the other day who had previously been out of the 5km distance. What a joy this was. But I still want everyone to be sensible. we don’t want to go back into lockdown. Stay safe everyone.
Glenda  – South Morang

Hotel Quarantining

I hope the quarantining at hotels has improved now we’re letting international travellers into Australia. I think it’s fair to say that Australians have done their fair share to sort this issue out. It’s the businesses that have had to close their doors permanently that I feel sorry for. If the government doesn’t monitor the hotel quarantining staff who are employed to make sure the guests do the right thing and the virus isn’t allowed to spread again. Also make sure guests and staff at the hotel have regular testing. If this doesnt happen, we are going to see another outbreak again.
Bonnie – Mernda

Why are caravan, boat and classic vehicle owners expected to pay vehicle registration when the owners are not allowed to use them due to Covid restrictions. This 6 months I would like to be reimbursed for
Harry – Ivanhoe

It’s a sad world when a first time mother is sent home from hospital twice during her labour. So much stress put on someone who hasn’t experienced child birth before.

Keith M. – South Morang

Whittlesea Cruise Night

Loved the Whittlesea Cruise Night last week but would suggest the council might like to close off the ends of Church Street. The vintage and classic cars were scattered amongst the late model cars where local residents had parked to pick up their normal Friday night feed of fish and chips. I wondered why they didn’t like the idea of parking around the corner like my friend and I did. We drove all the way from inner city to see the display. This monthly display is such a good source of income for the town and it’s retailers. Its just a suggestion not a complaint.
Garry  – Brunswick

Shrine fenced off to keep out crowds.

This does not make a lot of sense to me. Crowds at the MCG this weekend have just been lifted to 85,000, yet attendance at the dawn service remains at just 1,400. This should have at least been lifted given registrations filled the attendance limit within hours of going online – or better still remove the limit as other states have done. If this is about a risk, I think there is more risk with 85,000 fans who are yelling and screaming, high fiving, lined up in food queues and toilets or in bars at the ground than standing in sombre silence at the Shrine for a much shorter period. Tim Bull – MP

Thank goodness Dan is letting me have a hair cut. Should I be grateful for small mercies?
Don – Rosanna

Why were council gardeners allowed to work outdoors but not private lawn mowing businesses who had no contact with a single human most days.
Ronald S. – Macleod

I don’t understand why two little boys cannot walk across the road to the park and kick a football with masks on.

Janet H.

Not happy I still can’t visit my friends in regional Victoria.
Ann – Ivanhoe East

Time for businesses to be allowed to open up again. Let’s get the economy moving again.
Jack – Rosanna

Innocent until proven Guilty

What happened to Innocent until proven Guilty

Shouldn’t we all stop convicting someone before police have dealt with the situation.

If they can’t see any way of proving a case and let it go, then whats the point of holding more inquiries that are going to cost the tax payers more money.
Roland  – Doncaster

Rosanna Streetscape.

The delays regarding the Rosanna Village Streetscape Project are due to the impact of COVID–19, contractual issues with the successful tenderer and utility service works being conducted throughout the project area. Council officers are meeting regularly with the contractor to get the works completed as soon as possible and minimise any further disruption to the traders. The works are scheduled to be complete in April 2021.

Council is supporting all traders as we emerge from COVID-19 via additional funding to pay the business contribution for the special rate and charge scheme, wavering of fees and permits during the COVID–19 period, rate waivers and deferrals, planning permit fee reductions, business support grants and training and development opportunities. In addition, the investment in the Streetscape Upgrade also demonstrates Council’s support for the Rosanna Traders.

Geoff Glynn – Director Assets & City Services

Council minutes 22nd March 2021

I actually like the new flavours of Tim Tam Biscuits, but havent tried the Chillie flavoured one. Must put them on my shopping list
Jen – Whittlesea

Why have Arnott’s Biscuits spoilt one of the most popular chocolate biscuits ever made. Have you noticed the dark chocolate version of Tim Tam’s creates a burning sensation on your tongue now? The reason is, they have added Chillie extract. WHY?
Norma – Templestowe

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