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The east blame the U.S. for everything, but are still happy to take their handouts.

Do not let conflict in Gaza disrupt the harmony in Melbourne. Before Oct 7, no-one would have been hesitant to express their Jewish identity in Caulfield or the CBD, but that is the reality we now face.

I’m glad to hear the Palestinian advocacy group apologised to the Jewish community for hosting a protest near a synagogue. Will Police increase patrols in Caulfield following Friday night’s nasty clash.

What happened to Innocent until proven Guilty

Shouldn’t we all stop convicting someone before police have dealt with the situation.

If they can’t see any way of proving a case and let it go, then what’s the point of holding more inquiries that are going to cost the tax payers more money.
Roland  – Doncaster

No-one likes to see the death of any innocent person anywhere in the world, but when will protesters in Melbourne and other cities realise that before Oct. 7,  Hamas ran Gaza. Get rid of Hamas and elect a new democratic government, problem solved.

Tell me, why is being offended only applied to the minority groups and not the rest of us?

Whittlesea Cruise Night

Loved the Whittlesea Cruise Night last week but would suggest the council might like to close off the ends of Church Street. The vintage and classic cars were scattered amongst the late model cars where local residents had parked to pick up their normal Friday night feed of fish and chips. I wondered why they didn’t like the idea of parking around the corner like my friend and I did. We drove all the way from inner city to see the display. This monthly display is such a good source of income for the town and it’s retailers. Its just a suggestion not a complaint.
Garry  – Brunswick

Walking Group🚶‍♀️🚶

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen if you are interested in joining a walking group
When: Saturday mornings
Time: 9 AM
Location: Hollow Possum Playground Heidelberg
Free small gift will be handed out
Everyone is welcome. Please feel free to bring along babies, children, and pets should you choose to join us for a brisk, scenic 5KM walk. Let us know your interest in the comments section, or DM me, we are so excited to meet up with you.

Crime in Australia

If you want to solve the crime in this country, why don’t we all have a DNA test including babies at birth.

I’m sure the thieves, rapists and murderers would think twice about it. We all know they will always leave something behind.
Perry – Diamond Creek

Anxiety Recovery Centre Support Groups

🌱 Do you experience Anxiety?
🌱 Are you looking to talk and connect with others who have similar experiences?
🌱 Would you like ideas and coping strategies to empower you & your recovery?
Come along to the in-person Eltham Anxiety Support Group
Running on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 7pm-8.30pm at the Eltham Library
The group welcomes anyone aged 18 and over. Bookings are required. To learn more about the group and to book, click here:
Please email supportgroups@arcvic.org.au with any questions. We also offer a range of other support groups for adults & teens.

I actually like the new flavours of Tim Tam Biscuits, but havent tried the Chillie flavoured one. Must put them on my shopping list
Jen – Whittlesea

Why have Arnott’s Biscuits spoilt one of the most popular chocolate biscuits ever made. Have you noticed the dark chocolate version of Tim Tam’s creates a burning sensation on your tongue now? The reason is, they have added Chillie extract. WHY?

Businesses have not fully recovered after the lockdowns. Let’s get the economy moving again.
Jack – Rosanna